My NEW Erin Condren Life Planner 2014-2015 (18 mon)

I recently decided I need to seriously organize and schedule my whole blogging and filming life. I've basically been all scattered with my tasks, and because of that I have been forgetting ideas, skipping days when I publish a new post, and taking forever to review products because I'm trying everything at once and not taking notes like I should be. Now that I have my filming equipment and setup all done, I can't seem to find the time or remember to prioritize to sit down and film all the videos I've been wanting to do.
ENTER: the Erin Condren Life Planner (linked with my referral link, where you'll get $10 off if you click it)

I first learned about Erin Condren (we'll just call it EC from now on) planners from a friend who posts a lot of planner and stationary pics on her Instagram, I asked her for planner recommendations, and she mentioned EC. After checking out the EC website, watching all their videos, watching hours of video reviews on the EC Life Planners, and browsing a million blog posts showing the planners and accessories - I finally caved and ordered one. I chose the E-Sea design cover in Seafoam and customized with my blogging name and website.

I took a lot of photos to show you all the details of this glorious planner. I'm doing this because I had a lot of preferences going in to searching for a planner, it had to be sturdy, multi-purpose, weekly, open areas to write and list, note pages, etc. - it took me about a week to search for reviews showing images of the planner that I really wanted to see. I hope this will be helpful to those debating on making the splurge for an Erin Condren Life Planner.

Starting with the binding coil, it is much thicker and sturdier than I expected. This keeps the planner book strong and in tact, there's no flimsy feel to it, it doesn't bend or twist like some other notebook style planners I have tried in the past.

Opening the cover, you can add your personal information in case your planner gets lost and someone is nice enough to return it to you. Not sure if I'll actually use this because my planner will live on my desk most of the time.

Next pages have some inspirational words with lots of color! Very peppy! :)

Next is a full view of all the months in the planner - since I have the 18 month planner it shows July 2014 - December 2015.

More inspirational inserts...

At the beginning of each month's section, there is a full view of the monthly calender. I've started to use this to keep track of out-of-town days and trips we are planning. I'm hoping this will help me plan my blogging schedule around the days I'll actually be home to work.

After the full month view, the next page begins the weekly view with each week beginning on a Monday and ending on a Sunday - like how we actually see our weeks in real life ;)

The top left corners will show you a tiny full month calender, I've started to highlight which week I'm in on that weekly section, because I have a hard time remembering if we're in the beginning of the month or the end... too often my days run together and all of a sudden it's a new month.

The weekly view is sorted by Morning, Day, and Night - I love this separation because I hate planners that have time slots, I like the freedom to write wherever I want. I've seen many people customize these sections with tapes and stickers and relabeling the sections to their liking.

There is also a section at the bottom of each page where you can list tasks or to-do's. I'm thinking of using this to track when my products come in so I can track how long it's taking me to review the products.

I'm also very happy to see moon tracking and holidays noted on the weekly planning sections.

The divider ruler is removable so you can tag which week you're on for easy access. The ruler is very sturdy, I doubt I'll break it from moving it every week. Also the monthly tabs are laminated and sturdy, again, I doubt I'll bend these or rip them off over time.

At the end of the monthly/weekly planning pages, there are ten lined pages for notes, and 5 blank designer pages. I'm thinking I'll use these to track my blog and video ideas and check off when I completely them.

Then there's full year pages for 2016 and 2017... not really sure why, but it looks cute.

Next are the label sticker sheets, two of them are pre-printed, two of them are blank.

Next is a double sided half folder insert, where I have the Perpetual Calender.

The Perpetual Calender is a great accessory and I'm glad I ordered it. Each page is a month, and the number dates are listed where you can write in annual dates of importance. I'm using this to track birthdays (I'm horrible at remembering birthdays!).

In the back of the PC are sections to write important numbers for work, emergency, doctors, salons, etc. There's also a page for contacts, if you ever want to put a contact on paper and not in your phone ;)

At the very end there's a list of holidays and what date or days they'll fall on.

The last part of the planner is this clear zip case that actually came with a few sticky gift tags, a printed sticker, a couple cards and a couple swirl paper clips. Pretty cool, I think I'll keep extra post its or tabs in here.

Finally, I wanted to show the coil clips I purchased, these are way cool! I've already used a couple of them to clip in two event reminders. I like that the sticky is strong so it won't rip off or come off over time.