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Label Daddy - Haul & Review

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A couple weeks ago I ordered a couple label packages from, it only took me a couple hours to decide what I needed labeled in my life, plus I really took my time in customizing one of my packages because they have quite a lot of options. First off, I quickly added their Spice Labels to my cart. These are pre-printed labels for 52 different spices, 1 1/8 x 5/16 in size. I ordered these because I plan on redecorating our spice collection, we've been cooking a lot lately and I've started noticing that our current spice rack isn't as functional as I thought it would be - especially since our spice selection is always growing. So, I plan on buying new glass jars to organize our spices, and these labels will be perfect!

The next package I ordered is the one I customized. I first decided on small sized labels, 1 1/2 x 5/16, because these would fit perfectly in my Erin Condren planner - turns out they are a tiny bit wider than the borders I measured, but I'm okay with it. Next I chose my label color, I went with green because I planned on using these to keep track of when I'm posting on my food blog - green reminds me of healthy food :) Lastly, I chose my font style and a cute little apple icon. I really like how they turned out, so cute and very eye catching in my planner so I can easily see how not so productive I've been in posting recipes LOL!

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One-Click Photo Books from (+special offer!)

A couple years ago I made a book for Madilyn's 1st birthday, but after getting pregnant again and feeling so busy with life, I never kept up with her yearly books like I planned to - well, now that has made it affordable, quick and easy to create a photo book, I'll be spending the day pulling super cute photos of my kids to make them a memory book. now offers easy to customize photo books - just one click! With the freedom to pull photos of any size from your favorite Facebook or Instagram post, you can have your very own professional photo book instantly.

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Erin Condren Accessory Haul

I've been in love with my Erin Condren planner, and after using it for the past couple months I felt that I really needed some of the extra accessories on her website. Let's start with the Elastic Bands, set of three, I chose the Sorbet set - I was way too excited for the brown one for my aquatic themed cover. I like how tight the band is, enough to keep my planner closed and loose enough to grow if I end up added a ton of stuff inside my planner.

I ordered a Pen Holder, love this little guy! It's a sturdy elastic band that I can easily put a pencil or pen in - although, my rubberized pens don't slide in and out easily. The band is attached by a thick square of plastic that has a very strong sticky side. I placed my pen holder on the back cover.

I also bought a pack of the Accessory Note Pads, because they are cute and they don't have sticky backs which is what I need for making notes for Boyfriend, or little shopping lists for the drugstore, addresses for shipping packages, etc. Plus, I really like the square shape.

Lastly, I ordered her Colorful Markers, I almost bought these when I ordered my planner, but I was worried if they would be bleeders. Luckily, these are awesome pens! The formula is quick drying so there's no smearing or transfer from page to page, and the pen tip is fine point so it doesn't distribute a lot of color, you won't see it bleeding through the back side of your page. These are great pens and I definitely recommend them for planner use or even note taking.

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Parent's Choice Diapers - Great for Sensitive Skin (+coupon!)

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My two and half year old son, Jamison, is a sensitive little guy, and it was quite the journey to find the right diapers for his bum. After months of trying various brands, I came across the new and improved Parent's Choice diapers exclusively sold at Walmart stores, and the search pretty much ended there. The Parent's Choice diapers are super affordable with packages starting at $4 and up to $30 for a big box, totally the best value diaper brand with an approximate annual savings of $240! These diapers have soft edges so Jamison no longer gets rashes on his inner thighs or lower back, they are very flexible so there's no stiff bunching underneath clothes, and the absorbency and leak protection is outstanding, even overnight. One more thing to note, the absorbent pads inside the diaper do not shred during wear, nor do they causes a skin reaction on Jamison - this is a big deal because all the "big brands" we had tried before all had issues with the absorbing particles coming loose from the diaper and getting all over him, plus causing skin reactions on his delicate parts.

We are on a family vacation right now, and I am at ease knowing that if Jamison runs out of diapers on our trip, I can run into any Walmart and get him the new and improved Parent's Choice diapers that I know and trust. Road trips are the toughest on Jamison, sitting in the car for multiple hours can create more moisture and irritation for him, which results in me packing extra gentle wipes, diaper rash creams, Vaseline, and powders - not to mention having to stop for changes more frequently to avoid those terrible irritation skin rashes. The Parent's Choice diapers are safe enough to rely on for extended car rides, keeping him nice and dry while the soft edges don't chaff him when sitting in his car seat for hours. 

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Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils

I spotted these Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils at Target and really couldn't leave without them, I bought them at about $10 but I just noticed on the Crayola website they have a coupon code SUMMER50 to get everything on the site 50% off! I'm really tempted to stock up on art supplies for my kids... Anyways, these pencils are awesome! They draw a bit waxier than normal colored pencils, but much dryer than crayons and they erase cleanly away - minimal color left behind and no smearing or streaking. As an art buff, I'm so thrilled with these! I mainly bought them to doodle designs in my planner, and I'm happy that if I make a mistake or change my mind about a design, I can easily fix it. :)