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Parent's Choice Diapers - Great for Sensitive Skin (+coupon!)

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My two and half year old son, Jamison, is a sensitive little guy, and it was quite the journey to find the right diapers for his bum. After months of trying various brands, I came across the Parent's Choice diapers exclusively sold at Walmart stores, and the search pretty much ended there. The Parent's Choice diapers are super affordable with packages starting at $4 and up to $30 for a big box, totally the best value diaper brand with an approximate annual savings of $240! These diapers have soft edges so Jamison no longer gets rashes on his inner thighs or lower back, they are very flexible so there's no stiff bunching underneath clothes, and the absorbency and leak protection is outstanding, even overnight. One more thing to note, the absorbent pads inside the diaper do not shred during wear, nor do they causes a skin reaction on Jamison - this is a big deal because all the "big brands" we had tried before all had issues with the absorbing particles coming loose from the diaper and getting all over him, plus causing skin reactions on his delicate parts.

We are on a family vacation right now, and I am at ease knowing that if Jamison runs out of diapers on our trip, I can run into any Walmart and get him diapers that I know and trust. Grab a coupon HERE so you can score some savings on your next Parent's Choice Diapers purchase.


Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils

I spotted these Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils at Target and really couldn't leave without them, I bought them at about $10 but I just noticed on the Crayola website they have a coupon code SUMMER50 to get everything on the site 50% off! I'm really tempted to stock up on art supplies for my kids... Anyways, these pencils are awesome! They draw a bit waxier than normal colored pencils, but much dryer than crayons and they erase cleanly away - minimal color left behind and no smearing or streaking. As an art buff, I'm so thrilled with these! I mainly bought them to doodle designs in my planner, and I'm happy that if I make a mistake or change my mind about a design, I can easily fix it. :)


A Day at California's Great America - 8/15/14

Last Friday we took a family trip to California's Great America in Santa Clara, courtesy tickets from US Family Guide. They open at 10 am so we took our time and arrived right after eating McDonald's lunch in the car ride there, so the kids were full of energy and ready for fun! Our game plan was to head straight to Kidzville and Planet Snoopy for all the kiddie rides and activities our toddlers would enjoy most.

Right when we walked into the park, we were approached by a park photographer to take our photos, we loved this because it's tough to get family photos when each parent has a child to run after or carry ;)
Also, before we left the park, we took our photo tickets to the booth to get print outs and key chains for the kids.

First things first, we went directly to the two tiered carousel, Madilyn loved the pony she chose. Poor Jamison was a little too scared of the large horses, so Michael just held him the whole time.

Afterwards, we started our journey to Planet Snoopy - I say journey because it's all the way at the other end of the park, and we couldn't figure out if there was a shortcut to get there or not. On the way, we stopped off to drive some boats and monster trucks, and Madilyn got a soccer ball face painting.

When we got to Planet Snoopy, we rode a lot of the little rides, some were small enough that the kids could just go without us, it was really fun! The kids loved running all over the place and waving at all the other kids.

Before we headed back to the entrance of the park, we sat to watch a Peanuts show, it was pretty cute, but the kids were a little confused about why they weren't allowed to run up on stage and dance hahaha! But it was fun nonetheless.

Overall, we had such a great time! We want to definitely go back soon and do the water park next time! The kids were pretty exhausted from all the walking and running, they passed out before we even left town. :)

The 100-acre theme park is located on Great America Parkway between highways 101 and 237 in Santa Clara, CA. Open daily now through August 16, and weekend through November. Visit with the online Family Four Pack (tickets for just $37.99 each) Use promo code: BLOG4CGA, for more information, call 408.988.1776 or visit


20% off Label Daddy!

Before you grab for that black sharpie to label your kids backpacks, clothing, equipment and other belongings, check out Label Daddy is a handy website to get the coolest label packs for back to school, organization, and more! You can customize the color of your labels, what font you like, and even add really awesome icons from your favorite sports teams, cartoons, basic images... They also have photo labels available, so cute for letters to family or party invitations. The labels are also washable, so you can stick them to your kids clothing, shoes, luggage and they won't fade or fall off.

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Reusing Candle Jars - How To & Ideas

I first learned how to reuse candle jars from a MissGlamorazzi video (here), and there are also plenty of tutorials on Pinterest (here), but basically here is how I do it:

- First, I keep a collection of finished candles, and once I get the crafty bug in me, I remove the plastic labels and put them all in the freezer for a few hours - not sure exactly how long because I usually forget about them. I also keep all the lids in a little box for when I want an enclosed jar.

- After I take them out of the freezer, I take a dull knife and begin puncturing the wax until it breaks up in chunks and fall out of the jar. I've tried filling the jars with scalding water but it hasn't always been effective for me.

- Next, I submerge the jars in hot water to soak until the water cools down - this loosen paper labels and makes it easier to clean off the burn and wax residue that collects on the walls of the jars from burning the candles.

- Afterwards, I use my finger to swirl away the bottom labels, then take a sponge with dish soap and wash the jars completely. If there are any metal bits left over from the wicks, the hot water bath usually softens the glue and they come right off.

Here's how I've reused some of my candle jars: