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My 2015 Lifestyle Resolutions ft. Ester-C

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When one year ends and a new year begins, I like to sit down and think hard about the previous year. Did I accomplish last year's goals? What challenges did I overcome? How can I make my life less stressful? What's my major goal for the next year?

Looking back, I overcame a lot in 2014, and I'm feeling proud and inspired by myself:
  • I cut out soda drinks completely, and I dramatically limited my carbonation intake.
  • I replaced junk foods (chips, cookies, crackers) with healthier snack choices (nuts, dried fruits, fresh produce).
  • I cut back on buying frozen foods and prepackaged foods, and started cooking more meals from scratch - wholesome, hearty, and fresh.
  • I replaced "grocery store" meat with grass fed and higher end meats - the difference is mind blowing.

Now for 2015, and sticking with my theme of a healthier lifestyle, I am going to practice a routine for taking my daily vitamins and supplements for immune support. Last year I was very inconsistent, so hopefully this year with my daily vitamin case and utilizing my planner, I'll stick to a good habit.

My main supplement goal is to focus on a healthy immune system with Ester-C 24-Hour Immune Support 1000 mg Maximum Strength vitamin supplement, which I found very afford at my local Walmart store for around $10. The ease of one tablet a day, "Ester-C lasts longer than regular Vitamin C and supports your immune system for 24 hours!". These supplements are also vegetarian - no gluten, wheat, lactose, preservatives, sugar, sodium - everything I like to exclude from vitamins I usually get from other brands of Vitamin C.
I'll be following Ester-C on Facebook and Twitter for motivation and friendly reminders.

You Tell Me: What are your 2015 resolutions/goals, and how do you plan to enforce them in your day to day life? I need all the inspiration I can get!


Legacy of Clean Kitchen Cleaner vs. Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner

As a mother of two children 3 & 4 years of age, who just love to randomly lick things in our home, I have been on a mission to find a multi purpose cleaner that is safe and chemical free (just think Windex - but safer). For the past 3 years or so I have been buying the Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner (26 fl oz, $5.95) through my Honest Bundle subscription, and while it works great, smells great, and is safe to use around my kids, it is such an investment considering I go through bottles like a professional maid would. It really started adding up and I began to look for something comparable and more affordable. I looked into homemade cleaners, but after pricing supplies, it would be just as pricey. Then last year we started our Amway business and we bought the Legacy of Clean Intro Bundle (11 items at $89.00), and within that bundle was the Legacy of Clean Kitchen Cleaner (32 fl oz, $5.30). Not only is it chemical free and more affordable, but it is so natural and safe that if accidentally consumed, they just recommend drinking water to flush it out - not poisoning or harmful to the body. Both cleansers work great at cleaning counter tops, tables, toys, cutting boards, floors, windows, etc. Best of all, there is no residue left behind, everything simply looks and feels clean.

My Amway Store:

Feel free to email me at if you have any product questions or are interested in signing up for your own Amway business.

BEFORE - crayons on whiteboard

AFTER - crayons on whiteboard

BEFORE - whiteboard crayons on chalkboard

AFTER - whiteboard crayons on chalkboard


Stationary Haul - TheWishiWahiShop & AlexStudio - Etsy

I just can't stop with the stationary obsession, and buying all the stickers and washi and pens and everything! Recently, I made my first orders on TheWishiWashiShop and AlexStudio on Etsy, mainly because I follow them on Instagram and just couldn't help myself because they post the cutest things! Their qualities are great, and the stickies are super fun! Both brands do a standard matte paper finish.

Receipt and Cart (Target styled) by TheWishiWashiShop

Black & White Weeklies by TheWishiWashiShop

Navy Blue Squares by AlexStudio


DIY Watercolor Stationary Stickers

This is a fun DIY project for any age, all you need are sticky paper labels and a watercolor palette. It is quick, easy, and the results are beautiful. You can use these labels for anything, but personally, I'll be using them in my planners :) This is a great budget friendly alternative for decorating planners and scrapbooks, even if you're not "artistic", watercolors are fool-proof.

What You Need
  • Labels used in this DIY: Avery 5410, Avery 06117, Avery 6734
  • Crayola watercolors and brushes
  • Water and a towel/paper towel

Careless and splotchy application dries to a beautiful array of colors, I took it a step further and used the smallest brush to run imperfect lines through the colorful mess. Definitely be gentle with painting because you don't want to rough up the paper, or add too much water to flood the adhesive backing. Let them dry completely before adding any doodles or cutting them to your liking, and of course before applying them to your planner, agenda, etc. My labels dried to a very matte finish, yet it doesn't make pens bleed or skip.


PaperPanduh Haul #2

I told you it was coming :) Here's my second purchase from PaperPanduh, this time I purchased a second set of the Polaroid Planner Kit, I special requested a black set, and the massive Rainbow Planner Kit. OMG the cuteness! The adorableness! All the pretties! I just couldn't help but smile while opening everything up and seeing how fun these stickers are. I'm especially excited to use a lot of these in my cooking planner because that one is currently looking bare and could really use all these fun characters and colors.

OHEMGEE, she was also super sweet and sent a mini gel pen (Jamison totally stole it from me!), a little washi roll, an extra fine tip pen (my favorite pen right now!), and this cute pen pal that can stick anywhere and hold a pen - I'm too excited about finding a use for it, it's so cool!

I just want to send a special thank you to Emma, that was so sweet and I absolutely LOVE them! :)