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Nutrilite Kids Vitamins & Supplements - Review

We used to buy store brand gummy vitamins, but then the kids started thinking of them as candy, and were asking for "candy vitamins" all day long. I didn't like them associating vitamins as candy, and other candies as vitamins - it became confusing for the kids, especially when we're trying to establish healthy choices at a young age. Once we signed up with Amway last year, we bought a bottle of Nutrilite Kids Multitarts Chewable Multivitamin/Multimineral Supplement, they come in solid chewable forms, in the recognizable shapes like oranges, strawberries, etc. It took the kids a few days to get over the fact there were no more gummy bears in the morning, but now they love their vitamins, and will remind me if I forget to give them some with breakfast.

We've now expanded their vitamins to not only include the Multivitamin, but also the Nutrilite Kids Chewable Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables, which are the equivalent of 5+ servings of fruits and vegetables. Some days the kids just feel like eating more protein and carbs than our usual fruits and veggies, so I feel a bit more peace of mind knowing they are still getting all the nutrients they need in a day.

Recently we just finished a bottle of the Nutrilite Kids Seasonal Strength Probiotic supplements - I love these so much! They were kind of a splurge at $42 for a little bottle of 30 tablets, but in complete honesty, they work for us so well. Usually when Madilyn gets a cold, it comes with a sore runny nose, watery red eyes, sore throat, no appetite, prone to high temps or fevers, and she'll be sick for about 2-3 weeks before all the sicky symptoms are gone. So far, she has gotten sick twice while we've had these Probiotic supplements. When she starts to show signs of feeling under the weather, I'll begin to give her one of these every morning with her vitamins. I noticed that although her appetite is low, she'll still take her vitamins, so when she doesn't want to consume other forms of probiotics, she's still getting the boost she needs. These two last sick-sessions she's had only lasted 1-2 weeks, no high temps, no miserable mood, or excessive sleeping. It's like she's a whole new Madilyn now, she'll look and sound sick (still limiting her appetite), but she'll have the energy and playful attitude as if she's completely fine. I've taken a few of these myself when she gets sick, more like a preventative so I don't get sick from her (happens every time!), and so far I've only gotten sick once while she's had her germs all over me (this is in conjunction with my daily vitamins).

Overall, I have come to really like the effect these Nutrilite Children's vitamins and supplements have on the kids, I have noticed big changes and I think it's safe to say we'll be repurchasing these. You can read all the stats and info on these products on our website, Healthy at Home, or click any of the direct links I included above.


Bulu Box - February unboxing

This month's Bulu Box is pretty nice, and I've used a few of the items already. I LOVE the Vita Perk packets, and want more soon! I ate the protein bar, it was not pleasant, and I already like the Apothederm cream, so having samples is nice.


Stationary Haul: PaperedLove

This is my first time trying PaperedLove's stickers, I have been following her on Instagram forever and have been quietly filling my cart with all her adorable creations, I mean seriously ADORABLE! If I could, I would buy all her stuff! So, I made my first order and then a week or so later I made a second order because she launched some new designs that I just had to have. So, she sent both orders are once, super cute envelope and cards, I loved the details she put into the packing, very unique and "happy mail" :)


Photo Pillow from - Review

I had the opportunity to create a Photo Pillow on, and the result is amazing!

I chose to make a memory collage from photos of me and the best friend, Antonay, from the past million years. One of our oldest photos is probably from 2004 or so, back when our friendship first started. Antonay came over this week and luckily her GALentine's Day gift arrived earlier so I was able to surprise her with it. She loves it!! (of course!)

The pillow is fantastic quality, very thick fabric, the print looks clear and even the smallest images turned out great. The zipper is ultra sturdy, even my kids couldn't zip it open (perfect!), and the seams are concealed and feel like they will hold up for a very long time. Actually, when it arrived, I instantly had the urge to jump on the website and make more custom pillows! They are well worth the money. The customizing options available on the website are very extensive, from choosing how many images to use, text and font selection, background and border designs. Endless.

Check out on Pinterest for all the customizing ideas!!