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Getting Back in the Hoop

So, after a good run of sticking to my hula hooping exercise and losing inches and gaining confidence over the past year, it all began to fizzle and bring me down - loose skin is just a million times horrible. But, recently I have realized that I'd rather be lighter with lumpy loose skin with the hopes of tightening and toning than be this heavy and uncomfortable on so many levels. So I'm back in the hoop and rekindling that exercise addiction I loved so much. I'm always eating smart and making healthy choices, but now I'm throwing in a few extras to really boost my energy and protein.

My Current Hooping Schedule
Tuesday - Saturday I have hooped every day, one five/six minute session each day.

My Current Hooping Goal
Monday - Saturday I want to hoop once a day, one ten minute session each day.

Tracking My Hooping
I recently found these little circle stickers for a dollar at Target, and I originally bought them for my kids, but I decided to use them myself to track all my hooping in my planner. I apply a sticker to each day I plan on hooping, and after each session is complete, I write a number to represent how many minutes I hooped. So far this is a genius idea! I look at my planner every morning and most days it sits open on my desk as I work, so I easily see my hoop reminder and feel compelled to do it (even if I'm tired in the morning) because I can't have an empty sticker in my planner staring at me that I haven't exercised yet.

Dietary Supplements & Nutrition (so far)
Right after I hoop, I'm usually pouring sweat and feeling hungry, so here are the after exercise snacks I've been going for recently:

- If I had a little breakfast that morning, and did my hooping session early, I'll mix up two tablespoons of Nutrilite All Plant Protein Powder in my 32 oz Nalgene with one of the Nutrilite ROC2O Sports Drink Mix (currently using the Mixed Berry flavor), and one of the Nutrilite Fruits & Vegetable 2Go Twist Tubes (currently using Mango Citrus flavor). I get a full day's worth of vitamins, nutrients, Red Orange Complex, hydration and proteins in this one mix.

- If I already had a good breakfast or I did my hooping session near lunch, I'll grab a Body Key by Nutrilite Meal Replacement Shake (currently using Milk Chocolate) and a Nutrilite Energy Bar (currently using Chocolate Nut Roll, review here) to have instead of making a large lunch full of carbs like my body craves. This keeps me full and maintains that energy my hooping session created.

- I'm usually exhausted by mid-day and find it hard to keep my eyes open, so instead of drinking more coffee, I eat a packet of the Nutrilite Endurance Cube gummy chews (currently using the Citrus flavor). These are similar to the Gatorade chews, but taste way better and give me a boost of energy without caffeine or a crash. I never take these at night though because I'll be up for hours. They are also great to have before a fast paced, prolonged hooping session when I really want to push myself (and hoop off the junk food I randomly spoil myself with).

My personal store:

10/13/2014 Haul & Review

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I recently had the opportunity to customize my own 20-page 11.5"x8" hardcover photo book and 20-page 8"x6" softcover photo book from for review, and I decided to make the bigger photo book a birthday gift to my boyfriend, a collage of photos from the last 7 years together. He loved it, and I'm so happy he found it touching and fun to look back on our old memories. In all honesty though, I'm not very happy with the look of the enlarged photo quality. It looks grainy and over saturated in color, and I know it's not just the photos I used because I've used those photos for other projects and they turned out softer and clearer. This book is regularly $44.99.

(original photo for comparison)

(original photo for comparison)

The smaller book I customized with recent photos from my Instagram, I just logged in and all my photos showed up for me to choose from. It was so quick and easy. I was very excited to get this book because I wanted to gift it to someone, but one delivery day, I received another customer's book instead of mine. I had to email about the mix up, which they corrected and sent me the correct book in a day or two. The quality looks similar to the large book I made, grainy and over saturated in color, but since it's smaller in size, it's not as noticeable. This book is regularly $19.99.

(original photo for comparison)

(original photo for comparison)

Overall, I'm not very impressed with the quality in the photo books from, and I feel they are overpriced - this is all in comparison to other photo printing websites I've used in the past. I also felt the website looked cute but was tedious to work through when customizing, which is why I left my books plain looking because I didn't have the time to go through each setting and design. I'm thinking that if I did a full on collage filled book, with multiple photos per page, scaling down the photo sizes, my experience and review would have turned out nicer.

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My New Samsung Note 3 Phone Case - Nuwoods

Last week, I was browsing phone cases on Etsy, and I stumbled upon this shop named Nuwoods, stunning wood panels on sturdy plastic click on cases, and they offered cases for multiple popular phones. I decided on the 100% real Central African Wenge wood case, the darkest wood in the shop - I wanted it as close to black as possible. The quality is amazing, probably the finest looking case I've ever found! I'm so happy with it!


Mi Bella Reina 24k Gold Collagen Face & Neck Mask

Over at my beauty blog, I am obsessed with facial masks and skincare, so when I heard about the Nancy Reagan 24k Gold Collagen Face & Neck Mask from Mi Bella Reina, I jumped over here ASAP to post about it. First off, gold on the skin! It's supposed to boost the healthy glow of your skin, which we all want. And then collagen, yes please, all the collagen products I can get my hands on. These masks are designed to hydrate and soften the skin, which will result in smoother texture.

Mi Bella Reina cares products from skincare to makeup to aromatherapy and health. Right now, get 25% off on the 24k Gold Collagen Face & Neck Mask with the code USFG25C *OR* save 25% off any order of $50 or more with the code USFG25 (exp. 10/31/14)


Label Daddy - Haul & Review

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A couple weeks ago I ordered a couple label packages from, it only took me a couple hours to decide what I needed labeled in my life, plus I really took my time in customizing one of my packages because they have quite a lot of options. First off, I quickly added their Spice Labels to my cart. These are pre-printed labels for 52 different spices, 1 1/8 x 5/16 in size. I ordered these because I plan on redecorating our spice collection, we've been cooking a lot lately and I've started noticing that our current spice rack isn't as functional as I thought it would be - especially since our spice selection is always growing. So, I plan on buying new glass jars to organize our spices, and these labels will be perfect!

The next package I ordered is the one I customized. I first decided on small sized labels, 1 1/2 x 5/16, because these would fit perfectly in my Erin Condren planner - turns out they are a tiny bit wider than the borders I measured, but I'm okay with it. Next I chose my label color, I went with green because I planned on using these to keep track of when I'm posting on my food blog - green reminds me of healthy food :) Lastly, I chose my font style and a cute little apple icon. I really like how they turned out, so cute and very eye catching in my planner so I can easily see how not so productive I've been in posting recipes LOL!

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