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A Beautiful Mess 2015 Planner

I recently bought the new A Beautiful Mess 2015 planner, in the Classic cover with a white background and black smudged polka dots, with a bright pink elastic band.This was $25.00 on preorder and took about a week and a half to process, ship, deliver.

The first thing I noticed was the binding, it is a sturdy hardcover book, and it feels like it will wear very well. It is very stiff when brand new, another aspect I appreciate for a long life span.

The elastic band is secure but easy to expand if you like to add notes and junk in your planner.

Interior cover, sunny yellow!

First page

Each month starts with a quote

Followed by a to do list page

Followed by a monthly spread - each monthly spread has a color scheme to match the monthly tab

Followed by the weekly spreads for each week within the month. These weekly spreads are all the same in style and color

After the weekly spreads, a notebook page, and then a new quote for the next month

Here are all the monthly quotes and monthly spread color schemes
February 2015

March 2015

April 2015

May 2015

June 2015

July 2015

August 2015

September 2015

October 2015

November 2015

December 2015

January 2016

After all the months have passed, there is a Month View spread January - December

Goals for Spring, Goals for Summer

Goals for Autumn, Goals for Winter

Dates to Remember spread, January - December

Followed by yearly views of 2015 and 2016

Followed by three notebook page spreads

With an insert of colorful arrow stickers

The inside back cover has a folded pocket with a sheet of stickers, these look dusty in color and feel like a matte lamination, they feel like super thin plastic - these little squares can punch out as single stickers.


Scribble Prints Co. HAUL!

As I mentioned before, Scribble Prints Co. is my latest planner sticky shop obsession, and she had the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals! I went a little crazy and bought all the stickies I've been eyeing, plus a ton of her latest release (and she keeps coming out with more and more releases!), so I thought I would compile everything into a haul post on this blog, instead of photographing a mess of stickies on my desk ;)

I can't even begin to explain my unhealthy love for her creations; semi-glossy finish, thick luxury quality, perfectly cut, perfectly sized for the Erin Condren Life Planners, attention to detail in sizes and monthly color schemes... and she's affordable! I told you, it really is L.O.V.E.!

GWP: Christmas Candy Shoppe samples

Mini Colorful Teardrops

Grocery Carts

Camera Photography

Colorful Envelopes

Watercolor Teardrops

Colorful Teardrops

Colorful "Canceled"

Nautical Decorative Squares

Christmas Holiday Decorative Squares

Custom Section Header Labels

Weekend Banners

New Years Eve Pattern Collection

"Plan" Page Flags


What's in my Changing Table with Honest Co.

I've been signed up for the Honest Co. Bundles for such a long time now, and I thought it would be interesting to show the products I've tried, fell in love with, and continue to use... on my 2.5 yr old, Jamison, who is still in diapers. It all started with the Honest Healing Balm, which is a go-to for emergencies because Jamison is quick to react to foods and products with rashes. We've found that all these products do not irritate his sensitive bum, which is why I buy them over and over.

Honest Diaper Rash Cream ($9.95, 2.5 fl oz)
We use this at the first sign of diaper rash, it helps soothe his skin and reduce a major rash blowout. I've actually stopped using our A&D ointments for good because those don't seem to help him as much as this Honest cream. The calming factor is huge for him, usually he gets rashes from acidic foods and fruits, so if he has signs of rash the rest of the day will usually get worse, but the Honest cream really does a great job at keeping him neutral and happy.

Honest Organic Baby Powder ($11.95, 4 oz)
Plain and simple, this powder doesn't have talc and it is affordable. I was sold on it before I even tried it. My only gripe is the packaging, the twist top will start to get useless halfway through the lifespan of the product, but seeing as Honest is always improving their packaging, I'm hopeful they will adjust this issue in the future.

Honest Body Oil - Coconut Blossom ($9.95, 8.5 fl oz)
This is still the first bottle of oil I bought and we're not even halfway through. I use this to clean the kids ears and noses after bath time, really helps to loosen all the dirt they manage to collect. I also use it to moisturize Madilyn's arms where she gets bumps and really dry skin because it has chamomile & calendula - two soothing/calming ingredients, it's not clogging or greasy, easily soaks into the skin and it's great at hydration. Back when Jamison was a baby, he had really dry scalp and cradle cap, so I would use this oil to keep his head moisturized and prevent the flaking and slight bleeding that would happen if I just let his scalp air dry after a bath.

Honest Face & Body Lotion ($9.95, 4 fl oz)
This is a very basic and simple lotion, perfect for babies and kids, it's not too light where it takes forever to massage in, nor is it too heavy where it takes forever to soak in... it's a happy medium. This is probably our fourth or fifth bottle of lotion! Thinking back, this lotion used to have a scent, but it seems odorless now, not a big deal, but I do miss that "Honest baby" scent.

Honest Air & Fabric Freshener - Lavender Vanilla ($6.95, 9.3 fl oz)
I bought this just because it was new on their website, and I'm very pleased with it! I use this in the kids room to freshen up the air in there. I love that it's not an aerosol can, I love that it's safe to use, and I LOVE the long lasting scent, especially after diaper changes in the room. I'll continue to buy this spray as long as they offer it, and I might even buy a couple more for the rest of the house and my car.

Honest Soothing Bottom Wash - Sweet Orange Vanilla ($9.95, 5 fl oz)
I LOVE this spray! I have used this in various ways, but my favorite is to spritz a poopy bottom before wiping, it helps to really get everything off, and I spritz again afterwards to thoroughly clean the area before drying and diapering. But, if there is any trace of rash, Jamison says it hurts, so I limit usage to only rash-free diaper changes. The description of this product says it is non-stinging, and that it can be used as a facial cleanser, but personally, I probably won't test it on my sensitive skin, but it sounds great since it has witch hazel and aloe, two of my favorite skincare ingredients.