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Storybook Haul - Paul O. Zelinsky

Last Christmas the kids received some story books from their Uncle and Aunt in SoCal, and one of those books has become a bedtime story favorite this month. The book is Rapunzel by Paul O. Zelinsky, his illustrations are amazing, and I think that is what truly drew the kids into the story and magically calms them during our nightly story time. After the kids requested Rapunzel three nights in a row, I jumped on Amazon and ordered three more of his books; Swamp Angel, Rumpelstiltskin, and Hansel and Gretel. I'm very excited to start reading these to the kids at bedtime.


Stationery Haul: PaperedLove #2

OMG I'm very excited about this haul! (1) I LOVE when PaperedLove has new releases, I usually want them all, and (2) I LOVE teardrop stickers for tracking little things in my planner, like going to the store, spending time with friends, meetings, or special tasks that take up a few hours. I was so excited to see PaperedLove added these beautiful watercolor teardrop stickers, I bought them all! :)


Stationery Haul - ScribblePrintsCo. #4

I made another purchase on ScribblePrintsCo. Etsy shop, I needed to restock her weekend banners, please I really wanted the manicure and yoga stickers since I've been trying to do those weekly. I also snagged her March stickers because I LOVE her monthly sets, and a new Spring design. Of course, now I'm window shopping her site again because she has added April sets and new mini dot stickers... but I'm going to try to wait it out ;)


Stationery Haul - PaperPanduh #4

It was about time I made another PaperPanduh purchase, she added some of the cutest items for Spring, plus I really needed to replace the scissors in my office. I bought the Eiffel Tower Craft Scissors, so beautiful and they are great quality, one of the super cute Crown Pens, the Gold Washi Tape Trio set, and last minute I added the Front Porch Planner Kit to my order. I love everything, as usual, and washi tape totally matches the theme in my planner this week :)

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